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    11选5每天赚200元不难:The ultimate entertainment device

    The Xperia? in your hand is the culmination of years of Sony innovation, featuring cutting edge technologies that others can only follow. And it’s all to bring people experiences that are unlike any other.

    “Best of MWC” by award logo

    Xperia? XZ2

    The XZ2 was awarded “Best of MWC” by

    iF Gold Design Award at the 2018 iF design awards logo

    Xperia XZ1

    The XZ1 was awarded iF Gold Design Award at the 2018 iF design awards.

    Reddot award 2018 logo

    Xperia Ear Duo

    Xperia Ear Duo, winner of a reddot award for 2018.

    The technology behind the experience

    Xperia? is made for special experiences that make you smile or take your breath away in a way no other smartphone can. Here’s some of the technology driving these experiences.

    The world’s only smartphones with 4K HDR display1

    Xperia? has the world's first 4K HDR display in a smartphone. In pursuit of the ultimate entertainment experience, we brought the technology from Sony? BRAVIA TVs to Xperia for a picture that’s so clear and lifelike, it takes your breath away.

    The world’s first smartphone with 960 fps movie recording in Full HD2

    See the world like you’ve never seen it before in unprecedented detail with Super slow motion recording in Full HD resolution from Xperia.

    Make memories in 3D

    In just a few seconds you can scan almost any object and turn it into a 3D avatar ready for sharing or printing — the possibilities are endless.

    1. 1Xperia® XZ2 Premium & XZ Premium feature a 4K UHD (2160 x 3840 Pixels) High Dynamic Range display. Verified by Strategy Analytics' SpecTRAX Service against the published display specifications for over 12,000 smartphones. Correct as of April 16, 2018.
    2. 2Xperia XZ2 features a memory-stacked image sensor capable of directly capturing slow motion video at 960 frames per second in Full HD (1080p) using device hardware. Verified by Strategy Analytics' SpecTRAX Service against the published camera sensor specifications for over 11,800 smartphones. Correct as of February 25, 2018.
    3. 3All on-screen images are for illustrative purposes only.
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